Code of Conduct


Expectations for Student Behaviour

The students of Maple Grove come together from diverse backgrounds and have different personalities and abilities.  They are in a very real sense, a community, and not just a collection of unrelated individuals.  Through the imparting of knowledge and through example, we foster the development of thinking individuals who act rather than react.  Our goal is to teach our students positive strategies to handle conflict and frustration. The development of a sense of self-discipline in each of our students is an important aspect of our behavioural policy.  


We believe all of our students have rights and responsibilities. We are working very hard to create a peaceful and safe environment. Courtesy, good manners and mutual respect are expected. Pride in our school is encouraged. Discipline is based on logical consequences for inappropriate behaviour.


In order for Maple Grove’s behavioural policy to be effective it is imperative that the school have parental support and co-operation.  Please take the time to read the information in the student agenda.


Code of Conduct

A code of conduct serves to promote an atmosphere of good citizenship and cooperation and to promote respect and responsibility in a conducive learning environment.

The goals of our code of conduct are:

  • To establish and maintain a positive school climate in which learning can take place

  • To help the students develop a sense of self-discipline and responsibility in the school community

  • To protect the basic rights of all members of the community

  • To ensure that all students receive a sound educational experience without any impediment.


School Expectations

  • Students are to attend school regularly and be on time. Chronic lateness and absences will be addressed by the administration. A note is required upon a student’s return to school.

  • Students are required to respect the Maple Grove Dress Code.

  • All students must show respect for self, their own property, property and privacy of others and the school environment.  Respect is demonstrated by actions, manner, tone of voice and choice of words.  Any damage caused by students will become the responsibility of the students and/or parents.

  • Students will respect the rights of fellow students to learn and play in a safe and positive environment.  Behaviour that could result in emotional or physical harm (bullying, fighting, throwing objects or snowballs) will result in serious consequences.

  • Students are expected to be prepared for the school day, with appropriate materials.  The use of the school agenda provides a place for students to record homework assignments and a means of communication for both parents and teachers.

  • All students must move from one area of the school to another calmly and with respect to the safety of themselves and others.


Dress Code

Students are required to dress in a neat, clean and appropriate manner respecting the Maple Grove Dress Code:

  • Plain white or grey t-shirt, turtle neck, shirt or blouse

  • Solid Navy blue pants (or shorts when the weather is warm), skirt or tunic.

  • No jeans.

  • No logos on clothing other than the Maple Grove logo.

  • Maple Grove is a “HAT FREE ZONE” inside the building. Hats must be removed before entering.




Internet Use at School

Maple Grove School is fortunate to have a well equipped computer lab and many homeroom classes have access to on-line resources and interactive lessons using in-class computers and Smartboards.

All Maple Grove students and staff are governed by the Appropriate Use of the Internet Communications Policy of the Lester B. Pearson School Board.  There are strict rules regarding internet and computer usage.  The policy can be accessed at the Board’s website homepage

All students and parents must sign an agreement to adhere to the policy.



Discipline Policy

Students are expected to abide by the school’s code of conduct.  This applies at all times in school, on the school bus, as well as on any school outings.  Failing to do so, students will be held accountable for their actions and will assume the consequences of their behaviour.  It is to be noted that each child is an individual and will be treated as such and that the consequences will reflect the nature and severity of the action(s) with the intention to benefit the needs of all involved.

 At Maple Grove, consequences may include:

  • individual, group or class discussions with the teacher or supervisor

  • loss of privileges

  • telephone or written communication with the parents/guardians

  • community service in and around the school

  • short-term assignment to another classroom to do independent school work

  • meeting with the principal

  • in-school suspension

  • school suspension with a required principal/parent meeting before the student can return to school

  • Physical aggression, taxing, swearing  at an adult and racist remarks will result in an immediate suspension

  • any other appropriate actions the administration (principal) deems necessary


Student Ombudsman

In accordance with the Education Act, the Lester B Pearson School Board has appointed a student ombudsman. Please refer to the school board’s website @ for more comprehensive information.