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Region 3 Parents

The Lester B. Pearson School Board divides the management of its youth sector schools into three administrative sectors.  As such, it has established a Regional Parents’ Committee for each, as well as a Central Parents’ Committee. Each Region represents various elementary and secondary network of schools.  According to Quebec’s Education Act, parents and guardians have a right to participate in the activities of their school board and to be represented on various school board committees.  The parent representative and alternate are elected at the school’s Annual General Assembly of Parents held during the month of September.


What is the role of the Regional Parents’ Committees?

The Regional Parents’ Committees:

  • Promote the parents’ participation in the activities of the school board.

  • Designate parents to participate in various school board committees.

  • Give advice on any subject conducive to the most efficient operation of the region.

  • Inform the school board of the needs of the parents of the region.

  • Respond to the required school board consultations on matters stipulated in Section 193 of the Education Act and any other consultation that the school board may Submit.

  • Promote effective communication between the parents’ representatives at all levels (Governing Boards and Parent Participation Organizations where applicable).

  • Act as a resource to parents within the region when there is information to be disseminated or when there is a need to resolve issues of concern.

For more information on the Central Parents Committee, please click here to visit their website.



If you would like to contact our Maple Grove Region 3 Parent Representative or Alternate Parent Representative, please email: