Resource Professionals


Resource Professionals

The following resource professionals are available at our school for varying amounts of time each week:


Educational Psychologist

The school psychologist provides psycho-educational assessment of children to identify the source of the difficulties in school, and makes appropriate recommendations to teachers and parents. The psychologist also provides consultation and support to teachers and parents concerning children with learning and behavioural challenges.


Speech-Language Pathologist

The speech and language pathologist’s main objective is to assess students who are experiencing difficulties with speech and language in order to provide information and support to parents and teachers.


School Social Worker

The school social worker is employed by the CLSC Lachine and is part of the Family-Child Treatment Team.   The role of the social worker is to act as a consultant regarding student and/or family concerns. The social worker can be contacted by phone at the school or at the CLSC.


Spiritual Animator

The spiritual animator works in our school one day per week.  The role of the spiritual animator is to encourage and facilitate the spiritual and community life of our school population.  This may involve meeting with the school as a whole, individual classes, small groups of students or individuals.


School Nurse

The school nurse is employed by the CLSC Lachine. The nurse is responsible for a variety of health care needs at the school.  She provides support to students and to families.


The following resource professionals are available on a daily basis.


Resource Teachers

The resource teachers work with small groups of students either in the classroom or the resource rooms to provide academic support to students experiencing difficulty.


Behaviour Technician(s)

The Behaviour Technician works with a team of educators, psychologists, behavioural consultants and social workers on the Family and School Support and Treatment Team (F.S.S.T.T).  The Behaviour Technician serves as an advocate for students and provides support with social and behavioural issues.


Integration Aides

Integration aides provide support in the classrooms, to both students and teachers in the classes into which our special needs students are integrated.